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Create a more fuller brow. Similar to lash extensions, brow extensions are placed on baby hairs and last up to 2 weeks.


Please note, all clients having a tint will require a patch test at least 24 hours in advance of the treatment.

Also please take care not to use, makeup, sunbeds or perfumed cosmetics after waxing or threading.

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Brow Bar

Eyebrow treatments have become one of the biggest beauty treatments. Every one needs those perfectly shaped brows and they are one of the fastest way to a look transformation.

Whether its a wax, tint or complete brow re-design, we can get that perfect brow look tailored for you.

Eyebrow threading   ~   £8

Eyebrow waxing   ~   £8

Brow wax and tint   ~   £15

Brow tint   ~   £8

Brow lightening / colour matching   ~   £8

Brow extensions   ~   £25